Monday, March 24, 2008

Maundy Thursday

This was my first Easter season in our liturgical church. There is such a rich weaving of the story of our Lord Jesus into the fabric of Holy Week.

One of the arguments I've endured against following the Church calendar, and the liturgy is that people eventually end up going through the motions, and it becomes meaningless. I suppose there is the possibility of that danger, but why deprive everyone of a potentially powerful learning experience for the sake of those who might miss the point in any case?

I had come across the term Maundy Thursday in my reading a few times in the past (probably C.S. Lewis), but had no idea what it was about. Sarah narrated her experience for me after she attended the service last year, but it took the experience of it this year to know. The foot washing moved me to tears. Surely in humbling Himself to wash the dirty feet of His disciples, Jesus also teaches us humility who are receiving the washing of feet. After that, the stripping of the altar, dimming of the lights and removal of all of the furnishings moved me again. I felt completely bereft. Somehow that image has stayed with me.

I'm still processing....

Susan Price


Mark Wills said...

Hey Susan. Maundy Thursday is a moving service. I performed my first one this year. I remember being moved to tears the first time I participated in the experience myself. I'm glad you were able to fully experience the event.

living stones said...

Susan, my wife Anna and I were able to attend a Maundy Thursday here in Lakeland with several members of our Living Stones Community. It was a double blessing. The service was beautiful and meaningful, and sharing it with those special brothers and sisters made it exceptionally moving. I rejoice at the kind of deep and beautiful work that God is doing among us. Thank you for sharing about his work in your life!

John Orzechowski said...

Last week was my first Maundy Thursday service as well. The stripping of the altar along with the reading of Psalm 22 and our silent exit was extremely striking.

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