Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holy Saturday

Here is a photo from one of my churches. It was taken during our prayer vigil on Holy Saturday. I took a vow of silence Saturday and spent the entire day at the churches. It was nice to center in the sanctuaries of my parish. I had long periods of solitude throughout the day. Occasionally a church member would drop in for a few minutes to pray and then leave. I thought a lot about Thomas Merton and his love for solitude, and I reflected on my Centering Prayer retreat with Rickey at Sewanee a couple of years ago. It was a nice boost to enter intentionally into a day away, especially right before Easter. I had the joy of baptizing two ladies into one of my congregations today. In the midst of all the rich liturgy of Easter, this ceremony really seemed to seal the day. I pray that everyone was able to stop and enjoy a moment in this year's Holy Week.


living stones said...

This is a lovely reflection. I'm grateful to you for sharing. Your Holy Saturday sounds very special. Reading about it deepens my appreciation for my own Easter weekend and the many ways it was blessed. Thank you!

living stones said...

Having visited one of your churches added to the specialness of the photo. To me is seems the gentle glow of the candles softens the darkness like God's love softens the dark places of my heart. Thanks for sharing the picture and the reflection.

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