Friday, February 15, 2013

40 Day Photo Challenge

The United Methodist organization has created a unique Lenten discipline to be used in social media. I signed on to the project, and I thought I'd cross post a reflection here I made for day two of the challenge. If you are intrigued by this concept visit for more information.

Day 2: Rest
@umrethinkchurch #rethinkchurch #40days

I took this picture to capture a few of the things that frame my thinking. For one, I'm a geek that grew up on a computer. Ever since I got my first PC back in 1984, I dare say there has been more than a week's absence from the keyboard. I've created millions of clicks placing letters and numbers on a screen. I have also grown up with the Bible. From childhood, it has been a major frame constructing my worldview. Thus, I see and interact with the world primarily through words.

As I am growing up, and maturing, I am putting away childish understandings of God and theology and coming to see the impetus of social justice, love for humanity, and God's mandate for cooperation in bringing God's kingdom to earth (as it is in heaven). Contemplation has become an integral part of my spiritual development, and this verse from Isaiah 30:15 reminds me of the importance of a balanced life. Many times I have come back to the ancient words, rested in God's embrace and embarked on new salvific journeys. Lectio Divina instills this principle in my spiritual formation and realization, and I am thankful for this moment to reflect on these things.

As I studied this digital icon, I was struck by the column of keys: RETURN - SHIFT - CONTROL. God grant me grace to return and shift-control from my selfish, alchemistic hands.


David Norling said...

Yes, slower but at the same time more engaged, more active. Like image and metaphor demand contemplation to inspire integrated action.

I've been so resistant to social media, for the obvious reasons, so I'm grateful and surprised to find myself opening to the possibilities because of your posts and reading references. Good stuff.

Anna Cotton said...

Mark, the picture and the words really capture my attention, and your prayer is so simple and so true. I want to move with God's grace, too. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings, Anna

Rehoboth said...

This struck a chord with me.

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