Friday, July 2, 2010

Silence and Writing

Greetings, Spiritual Friends. I am posting a poem I wrote some time ago about silence and writing. Blessings to all, Rickey


Yes, I submit to you, silence,
and gladly, too.
I have learned that those
who would use words well
must understand what words cannot do,
must realize that words
emerge from silence
and must find the ground of their meaning
in their silent source.
Perhaps later I will write.
But now I will sit in your presence,
still and open,
resting in your quiet embrace.


Paul Corrigan said...

Thank you for sharing this!

"Perhaps later I will write . . ." Amen.

I've been writing just now, but I think I'll stop in order to go practice silence for a while.

We're helping each other on this blog.

Sarah said...

I was blessed by your openness in sharing this. The tension between silence and words in writing is something I've often reflected on as well. Thank you for tihs reminder.

John Orzechowski said...

Rickey: Thanks for sharing this poem. I was struck by your first word: "Yes." The affirmation of silence. That little word conveys so much--openness, awareness, being present.

Silence seems to be a "No" at first: no noise, no distractions, no words. But silence is far from just a negation; it opens up to a resounding "Yes."

Daniel said...

What a great reminder of the relationship between these two practices! I especially liked the following:

"...words emerge from silence and must find the ground of their meaning in their silent source."

jen said...

Thank you for communicating such an important thought in such a creative way- it's beautiful.

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