Monday, July 12, 2010

Content and Attentive

So often I am focused, active, moving. However, recently for about two weeks a deep sense of contentedness flowed over me. There was a tangible experience of belonging to God and being loved by God. As Julian of Norwich said "All is well and all manner of things shall be well".

Towards the end of that season I noticed a sense of complacency creeping up on me. A book came across my path - "The Attentive Life" - which follows much of the same theme as Bro Lawrence "Practicing the Presence".

The two themes have woven themselves into my life and are a rich, deep, delightful combination - content with where I am and whose I am yet expectantly alert and watchful for glimpses of the holy in everyday life. In a way my Centering practice is the same - sit and be content if nothing happens, yet being watchful for what God might be up to.



Paul Corrigan said...

Bill, thanks for sharing this! I'm edified when we hear about each other's contemplative walk. That's what this community is about. We're doing it together.

RC said...

Bill, thanks so much for sharing this reflection. It encourages me to continue seeking to be more aware and present. Like Paul above, I believe that with this kind of sharing we strengthen and support one another in living our lives contemplatively, sensitive and responsive to the Spirit.

living stones said...

Bill, thank you for this reflection. I appreciate being reminded to be “expectantly alert and watchful for glimpses of the holy in everyday life.” And I like how you ended with “ being watchful for what God might be up to.” There seems to be to be an implied playfulness in “what God might be up to,” and it made me smile. Thanks again and blessings.

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