Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zen and the Art of Driving a Fifteen Passenger Van

At 4am in the morning last Thursday we loaded all our luggage and bodies into a fifteen passenger van to drive to North Carolina to be with Daniel and Melissa for there wedding. The van was full of people with different attachments to the couple and with different roles for the weekend. We had in the van a portion of the wedding party, the wedding musicians, and the hair and makup artists. There were girls who have worked with Melissa for some time and through that have grown to love the person she is and who she would become as Daniel's wife. There were girls who have gotten to know Melissa through our Sunday night group and the many other nights of fellowship we share together. They have no doubt loved her for her commitment to her friends in that setting. As for the Guys, there were also a number of ways that we have become close to Daniel. Some of the guys have played music with Daniel and have witnessed first hand the passion with which he approaches art. Some of us have gotten close to Daniel through our shared practice in different spiritual disciplines. We have been able to witness his dedication to God and his desire to see us be closer to God as well. 
While driving I got a real sense of all of these different motives. The girls were talking about how they couldn't wait to see the decorations or the plans they had for Melissa's bachelorette party, with each one singling out the thing they knew Melissa would love to do. The guys also had all the little things in mind as we drove. Some of us were thinking about our roles in the wedding, while others were reflecting on the weekends plans. Throughout the whole trip I was struck by the excitement and dedication that I was surrounded by. It came easily for all of us but there was also something special about it. Our occasion this time was the wedding of our close friends, but this was not a new feeling for me. I have felt this love exude from my friends many times before. I realized how blessed I have been to be surrounded by God's love with my friends as the vessels. I am so grateful for opportunities like this to witness this love. I couldn't be happier for Daniel and Melissa and I hope I am around to see them grow with this new dynamic. I know that they will continue to strengthen and love each other as they have done with each other and with their friends.  


RC said...

Matt, thank you for sharing about the trip from Lakeland to NC for the wedding. The trip sounds very special. I love your caring reflection on it. I wish I could have been at the wedding and look forward to the Lakeland reception that's planned for Daniel and Melissa. Thank you again for investing in sharing this way!

living stones said...

Daniel and Melissa's wedding. I was struck by how you were able to see many of the different connections and contributions of individual group members. I also liked that how you said, "I hope I am around to see them grow..." Me too!

Thanks for sharing about the journey.-- Anna

Daniel Sartin said...

Matt, I am humbled and moved by your thoughtful reflection on our trip. Thanks for being so intentional, caring, and supportive throughout the trip, and especially for your commitment to the greater journey as we "continue to strengthen and love each other."

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