Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Congratulations!

Daniel and Melissa will get married this Saturday, Nov. 1. This Thursday he and about a dozen of his closest peers will pile into a rented van and head out for the l-o-n-g ride to North Carolina. (Melissa has been there for a week attending to last minute details.) I think it is incredibly special that his and Melissa’s friends are willing to make this trip to show love and support for them. It seems to me their journey could serve as a metaphor for marriage--great fun, bumpy, unforgettable, and, if everyone can practice letting go of irritations, unifying.

I like reflecting on Jesus’s first miracle being at a wedding. If he was wanting to get our attention, it worked. It was his mother, of course, who requested he do something. And what a spectacular something he did--changing water into wine! I think it is fair to say Jesus cared about important celebrations.

Daniel’s friends care, and we in our extended livingstones community care, too. So our deep-felt congratulations and sincere prayers go out to Daniel and Melissa--May God richly bless you now and in all your years together!



RC said...

We're excited for you, Daniel and Melissa! May your wedding and your time in Boston be amazingly blessed. We look forward to being with you as a couple here in Lakeland--

living stones said...

We are very excited too! --Paul

Susan Price said...

Many good wishes, and prayers for you, Daniel and Melissa! What an exciting time this is for you both!

Sarah said...

Blessings to you both! I'm glad for your happiness and am excited for you as well!

Daniel said...

Thank you so much! We are in Boston enjoying our time and reading your thoughtful words. This is a profound reminder to me of how meaningful and supportive our community really is. I look forward to sharing some stories and reflections with many of you soon! Great thoughts, Anna!

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