Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cloud of Unknowing

I have been reading The Cloud of Unknowing recently and I am struck by so many things that the author puts into perspective for me. In particular the following thoughts:
"Remember that the nearer a man comes to the truth the more sensitive he must become to error... for I assure you, contemplation is not the fruit of study but a gift of grace."
This has impacted me greatly in the last few days. As Jen and I have been transitioning back into our lives in Lakeland after our extended holiday this summer there have been quite a few stumbling blocks. It is important for me to remember how little control I really have over the situations of my life. So much of it is guided by extenuating circumstances, as well as God's hands. Most of the time I like to think that I am controlling my destiny and that each decision I make is wholly my own.  I have realized that the way I relate to God is a mirror of how I relate to all of those situations in life. If I can learn to be humble and surrender my worries to God on a personal level it will flow over to all of my daily activities. There may be a time to take charge and make difficult choices, but it seems that if you realize your existence as being in and through God you start to see his hands on the little things, and all of those "take charge" moments start to fade away.
Matt Addis


RC said...

Matt, this is a very wise and meaningful entry. And very real, about the real challenges involved in living life contemplatively. Thank you for sharing in this way. It encourages and helps all of us as we seek to live our lives "in the Spirit"--

Daniel said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Great post.

living stones said...

Surrendering our worries to God sounds so easy, but every time I unclench my teeth and breathe slowly I'm reminded how I haven't surrendered. But I'm practicing--breath by breath by breath. Thanks for the focus on reality that you brought with this reflection.--Anna

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