Monday, May 5, 2008

Looking for miracles

Is it easier to say to the sick person, “Your sins are forgiven;” or to say, “Get up, pick up your bed, and walk?”

Jesus had a way with irony. The outward, visible work of physical healing, shelter, or money to pay the taxes, and bills is what we look for. We want something we can see, or touch. That, we say, is a miracle! Moreover, it may well be a miracle. Sometimes, though, I wonder if in looking for something tangible, we may overlook the more important miracle of an inner working, changing, and maturing done by the Holy Spirit during times of great pressure.

In October, I suffered the deep humiliation of being fired from my job as a caseworker for people with developmental disabilities. At some point during the week following my mortification, I closed my mouth and listened. A still, small voice calmed my spirit, and I asked Him, “What now, Lord?” His response led me into two of the best months of my life being available to serve Him in whatever direction He pointed me. The Lord took my focus off me, and trained my vision and hearing on Him. That He put me in the best job I’ve ever had in my life was a miracle—but not as great as the miracle of the joy He gave me in Himself in spite of circumstances. It was not as great as the miracle He did of changing my customary response to trouble into one of learning to depend more fully on Him.

In March, my husband was “downsized” from his place of employment. He immediately went to someone for counsel, and that person told him he would soon be glad of what seemed an unfortunate event, and helped hubby get his focus on the Lord. Harry immediately began looking for the things God had for him to do each day, and did them. It was a familiar pattern! He kept focused on knowing that God had a plan for him and that at the right time God would reveal the plan. He kept his eyes on the Lord through it all. During that time, the Lord had provided money to pay our taxes, our bills, and to put food on the table. Last Friday, Harry got a call offering him employment. It was just a job, but he needed a job so he said he would do it, and was thankful.

The Lord was not yet finished, though. A man for whom he has been doing the odd job of accounting and bookkeeping from time to time, got a call from the place that wanted to hire Harry asking for a reference. As this man told them about Harry’s skills and abilities he suddenly thought, “I should hire Harry.” So, he did. As his business manager. And just as the job the Lord gave me is one He has made me fit for, so also the job He gave Harry is one for which He has made Harry fit to do for His glory.

So…is it easier to pay bills and provide tailor-made jobs in a depressed economy, or to mold hearts in ways that will last for Eternity?

Susan Price


living stones said...

That is a wonderful and very funny story. Thank you for sharing. --Paul Corrigan

living stones said...

Your story reminds us that learning to depend on God isn't always comfortable or easy. Thank you for sharing the tender growing space in your life, “the place of inner working, changing, and maturing.” Blessings--Anna

Susan Price said...

You've encouraged me, Anna. I hope we can meet some time in person.

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