Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anna's Poem for Clara's Eulogy

As Rickey wrote in his post last week, the funeral for one of the members of our centering prayer group was on Saturday, January 17. Clara Chapman, who died of lung cancer, had asked me to write and then read a poem as my part of her eulogy. She had a special walk with the Lord, and I hope my poem, which is below, portrays some of that, Anna


small and a lover of small people,
but I don't mean short.
I mean small people like
the women who never had much,
not of money or education
and certainly not of love
or the men who matched those
women in lacking the same things.


small, but with a huge heart
that worked at filling in the gaps
for folks who carried hurt
like they carried their belongings
all lumped together in bags and backpacks
bulging at the seams.


small, but with her own hands
feeding the homeless and readily
donating the proverbial widows mite,
which I imagine Jesus multiplied
because whatever amount it was
amounted to more
in his sight.


small, and making small things,
food for friends and strangers
and dresses for Dawn her daughter,
the mystery of caring hiding in
in cake batter and hems.
small, and like Mary,
drawn to silence,
pondering these things in her heart.

small, easily overlooked in the day to day
life of this world
but today we are all paying attention
today we see that in God’s eyes
small matters.


John Orzechowski said...

I really enjoyed reading this poem. Thank you for sharing. Though I of course didn't know Clara, it sees you have really conveyed something of her spirit. Your words on all the "small" ways she lived with love and compassion and joy are illuminating. It seems she was both "small" herself (humble, serving others) and also attentive to others that are "small" and easily overlooked. I think living that way is what we strive for. May we remember that "small matters."

RC said...

Beautiful comment, John. Lovely and well said. I say, Amen!

Anna Cotton said...

John, thank you for your kind response. I am encouraged and strengthened by the connections you made. (The gentle humor of the poem is Clara was very small, almost an elf size woman.) Blessings, Anna

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