Monday, December 10, 2012

A Poem for Mom’s Memorial Service

Many of you know my mother died last month. Below I am sharing the poem I wrote for and read at her memorial service. I’m grateful for our community and the love and support we give to one another.

A Poem for Mom’s Memorial Service, 11-16-12

"Now that I have you only in memory..." N. Scott Momaday

Now that I have you only in memory
I see you at the kitchen counter,
stirring up biscuits
or your famous southern potato salad,
which was never the same twice—
except you always said
the secret ingredient,
the sure thing to make it special,
was Durkey's dressing.

    You were like that:
    sharing secrets and advice  
    as you stirred up food and people’s lives
    and dirt in your flower beds.

I see you in your yard,
on your knees,
planting flowers,
sprigging grass, 
moving bushes—
arranging beauty
to bloom in unexpected places.

I see you at the sewing machine
watching the needle pulling thread,
your sure hands pushing penned fabric
through tight spaces,
certain of the result,
certain the garments
would be remarkable.

I see you knitting,
clicking knitting pins,
transforming thin yarn
into something special
to keep others warm.

I see you reading,
curled in a chair,
turning pages
absorbing and exploring
other places,
other people,
ready in an instant
to journey somewhere else.

I see you still and quiet now,
waiting for our steps, our voices,
our presence—
and we have come.
We are here.


Sarah said...

Anna, this is beautiful. I can feel your mother's spirit in it. I pray the Spirit lives within your grief.

Paul Corrigan said...

This strikes me as a powerful poem, aesthetically and personally. Thank you for writing it and thank you for sharing it with us.

John Orzechowski said...

Anna, thank you for sharing this beautiful and vulnerable poem. As Sarah said, I feel a connection to the spirit of this woman whom I've never met. God's peace to you.

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