Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Calling

As this new year of 2011 begins, I have been reflecting on our community. Below I mix in some of our website statements of who we are with a few comments.

We take our name from the metaphor of living stones in I Peter 2:5 because we are committed to being the kind of spiritual community pictured in this section of Scripture and throughout the New Testament. We find meaning and support in belonging to one another in a simple but explicit way. It provides us a sense of identity and mutuality. Ours is a “little way,” and we don’t seek to draw energy or resources toward ourselves in a demanding manner.

As a Christian community, we seek to support the work of the church of Jesus Christ and the growth of God’s Kingdom through supporting one another in our individual families, churches, and daily work. Daily life is the proving ground of our spirituality.

In his book Where God Happens, Rowan Williams wrote, “The church is always renewed from the edges rather than from the center.” As I understand the intent of our “little way,” we seek to be part of what God is doing in our time to renew and develop the church. I am grateful and excited to be part of this process with you.


Paul Corrigan said...


living stones said...

I love the Rowan Williams quote about renewal coming from the edges. There are many ways to contribute, and seeing ourselves as contributors in daily life is deeply encouraging. I draw strength and comfort from reading, thinking, and discussing the connections we share as we seek to grow in God. With joyful thanks and blessings--Anna

Daniel said...

Great reminders! Thank you for your commitment to this community, Rickey!

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