Monday, August 31, 2009

Double Dutch--or the Importance of Being Still

I was so uncoordinated when I was younger (possibly still fit into that category) that I could barely keep up with one jump rope. Two ropes going in opposite directions baffled me completely. And I'm not even going to address "red hot pepper." Having said that, I will add here that last year when I was the oldest teacher (by twenty years at least) at the school where I was teaching, I was the ONLY teacher who helped my students learn to jump rope in the play yard. I loved it. They loved it. My body did, however, did not love it.

This past year went by in a blur. It was the double dutch of life, I think. One rope was my employment situation, the other rope was the wedding preparations including making the bride's dress. In fact, as the wedding day drew closer, both ropes definitely took on double dutch with red hot pepper. Just to make things more interesting, my older daughter decided she would like to be a wonderful matron of honor if she was great with child as she fulfilled her obligations.

All of this was extremely challenging to someone who functions best with time to sit and think, or, just sit and rest in God's presence. I had to learn to keep on the move without thinking more than it took to get through each day. It took its toll. I woke up Saturday night with a nightmare version of an oft-repeated scenario from school: the administrator confronting me with an area where I needed to grow personally, or professionally. It was well meant, I'm convinced of that. I know the administrator's heart, and she always meant well. But, the delivery was always devastating to me. And I lived in fear of the next "bringing Susan up" episode.

By the time Ellie arrived on August 5th, I was starting to unwind. After August 5th, I just let go. I worked at things, but could not seem to finish anything I started. I spent a lot of time just being still and knowing that God is God.

Now, I think, I am ready to take on whatever He has for me. He has done some healing, and some encouraging. One thing is certain: I must be doing the things that bring Him joy and pleasure, doing the things He has created me to do. And, I must be taking time to be still, and know.


Daniel said...

Your reflection is quite profound; 'doing' is no substitute for 'being'! I'm happy for the healing you're experiencing and thankful that you've shared it with us!

RC said...

Key insight! God wants to work this lesson into all of us, I think. Thanks sharing and reminding us that we too "must be taking time to be still, and know."

living stones said...

Susan, I loved the back story, and the pictures are great! But the reminder "to be still and know" is one I never tire of hearing. Thanks so much for sharing.--Anna

Matt said...

Thank you so much for your reminder to be still. It seems the lessons that life teaches us are the longest lasting. I am grateful for your open and honest sharing.

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