Sunday, July 5, 2009

Following Christ

"... though the soul is homeless and vulnerable, in deserts and clouds, it is most importantly 'at home' in so far as God has made himself a home in human life and death, and passed before us on the way we are called to go. Christ is the root of our security and our insecurity alike... present as a sign of hope at every stage of our painful journey out of bondage and across the wilderness."
-The Wound of Knowledge Rowan Williams

As I have been praying, studying, and reflecting this summer I have been consistently drawn in by the image of Christ as the divine Logos, Word of God. God's still small voice speaking this Word in my own life in very deep and meaningful ways has cultivated trust and hope. However, as I meditate on this and as I am in dialogue with others I am often overwhelmed with the journey towards/with this Word by a sense of being "homeless and vulnerable, in deserts and clouds." I have found that the times when I am most overcome with these feelings are also the times I gain the most insight about myself and God. I am reassured that God has not promised to whisk us out of the "deserts and clouds," but to be present with us in our vulnerability, both as a historical example and a present reality. Christ is "our sign of hope" on the spiritual journey as our end, and our constant companion, closer to us than our own heartbeat.

I believe Lord, help thou my unbelief.



RC said...

Thank you for these valuable insights and reflections. I loved your saying, Christ is "our constant companion, closer to us than our own heartbeat." This is a source of comfort and strength for me. Indeed, much of the spiritual journey involves embracing insecurity, but the presence of God makes it possible and worthwhile. Again, thank you for sharing! Rickey

living stones said...

Matt, I was so glad to read your most recent posting. I was struck when you wrote, "...God has not promised to whisk us out of the'deserts and clouds,' but to be present with us in our vulnerability." I think we can keep learning that on a daily basis if our spirits can remain open and tender. Thanks for sharing with such sensitivity. Blessings--Anna

Paul Corrigan said...

Thanks for sharing Matt. I enjoyed your reflection and the quote from Rowan Williams. Also, good to hear from you again.

John Orzechowski said...

I enjoyed your reflection, Matt. I sometimes wish we could be whisked out of the less-than-ideal situations, but I'm thankful for this reminder that God is closer than our own heartbeat.

Daniel said...

Beautifully put, Matt. And what a great quote! Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

living stones said...

If the journey were not overwhelming, it is likely that we would not know our need for the presence of Christ. Thank you for a beautiful reflection.


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