Thursday, December 18, 2008

Readings in Common

Rickey Cotton has suggested that as a community we ought to read and to have read certain texts in common as a way of cultivating our community culture. I think that we already have been doing this to some degree, but I propose that we build a list of the books and essays related to the purposes of our community that we have read in common. From there, we could periodically select new texts to read together.

This list, of course, isn't meant to show who's read stuff and who hasn't. But since, inevitably, it will, I should point out, as we all already know, those who have read little are not better or worse than those who have read much. The point of the list is, punningly, to help us move onto the same page.

Starting with the books on the reading resources page on our website, I have set up a list on private wiki for our community that you can access here. Please logon with the community email address and password and contribute to the list. I think that once the list is more or less complete for all of our members, we can begin to select texts to read together.

--Paul Corrigan


RC said...

I think this is a great idea, Paul. Thank you for investing in this activity. I think it can definitely deepen and strengthen us a community. I think God is helping us! RC

Susan Price said...

I like the idea of reading together, and will participate as often as I can.

living stones said...

Paul, This is a great idea, and I think you are absoultely right when you say, "it will cultivate our community culture." Blessings--Anna

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