Monday, July 21, 2008

The Gift of Fortitude

I picked up my Daily Contemplative Devotional this evening and this was the title of today's entry. Father Keating says, "The Gift of energy to overcome major obstacles in the way of spiritual growth."

I never cease to be amazed at how many times I pick this little book up, and it speaks wisdom straight to my heart. I'm sensing the stress of life and am in need of some Fortitude. I get in the rut of thinking that effort and more effort will help me overcome the major obstacles in the middle of my spiritual path, but Fortitude should come serendipitously, as a result of abiding in God's love. Keating goes on to say that "Little by little, the Gift of Fortitude, in conjunction with the other Gifts, transmutes the energy of anger designed by nature for defensive purposes into zeal for the service of God and the needs of others." The next sentence really brought peace to my spirit..."It sustains difficult ministries and welcomes the vicissitudes of daily life instead of fighting or resisting them or giving way to feelings of frustration."

My, how I have fought, resisted and been frustrated today. I choose to be still with today now. The day was what it was, and this moment of realization makes the hardships of today beneficial.

[Centering Pause]

It's amazing what a little stillness does to your perspective! Thanks be to God.


living stones said...

Mark, thank you for sharing! Your account of your experience rings true. Hearing about it strengthens and encourages me. I am so grateful we are "in this together." I too love Keating's Daily Reader. It amazes me how the editor chose so many selections communicating such practical helpful wisdom. I look forward to our journey together in to God!

John Orzechowski said...

The last sentence of the quote you shared is powerful. I hope to recognize that God is in even the frustrations and annoyances of life. I'll have to get more familiar with this Daily Reader perhaps.

living stones said...

Mark, Nice quotes and reflection. Thanks for sharing. --Paul

Susan Price said...

The three F's:

*Faithfulness to the calling that our Lord has on our lives

*Learning to Focus to hear what our Lord wants to communicate to us

*Fortitude that is forged in the dailiness of our lives and in seeing our Lord move in our lives, making us more than we can be on our own

Mark, your post sparked activity in numerous synapses. Thank you!

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