Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I just finished a good dialogue with Dr. Cotton and Mrs. Cotton using Skype. If you don't know (I just learned about it), Skype is a free online (video)phone service. Mark and Dr. Cotton sent out a few feeler emails about this a number of weeks ago, so we thought we ought to run an experiment: it was successful: fun, easy to do, edifying. The sound quality was great. We talked for about forty minutes, about school, spirituality, poetry. We shared a book recommendation or two. Talked about our families a bit.

Skype also facilitates conference calls, so the ultimate goal is to hold (occasional? regular?) community prayer meetings (lectio divina). We think that this resource may be important for the "non-geographical" part of our community. Please download it and experiment some. If you have the equipment (the minimum is a speaker and microphone, which are often built into computers), the process is very simple. Go to On the first page there is a button that says "download." I found that it practically set itself up from there. If you need help, though, I'm sure Mark would love to talk you through it.

You'll need to create a user name. That's how you contact people. If you're ready to give it a try, send one of us who've already done it an email and we'll set up an appointment to test it.

--Paul Corrigan


living stones said...

Paul, thank you! I loved our Skype dialogue last night. I think Skype can be a great benefit to our community. I really appreciate your posting about it, and I look forward to seeing our community continues to develop in this and other ways! I feel greatly blessed--

living stones said...

Thanks for the clear description. You made it all sound so simple and really it was. I'm looking forward to doing it again soon--Anna

Mark Wills said...

Sorry I missed you all last week. I thought I might be able to do it this Wednesday, but we have a church board meeting at 6. I am anxious to try this with you all!

living stones said...

Hi Paul!
I just wanted to let you know that Matt and I are signed up with Skype as well, so we are able to communicate this way too! It will be a neat way to add to our sharing and fellowship; thanks for posting the info~


John Orzechowski said...

Erica and I both have skype accounts. It seems like a great opportunity to use it for our community.

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