Saturday, January 26, 2008

A couple of oppurtunites for our community...

Albright United Methodist Church
2750 5th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33713


Student Price: $20*
Pre-Registration Price: $25
At the Door price: $35

About the Conference:

Much like the “going green” catch phrases out there, the word community gets thrown around Christian circles these days as if it’s “going out of style.” The reality is, a truly missional community is far more than the latest hot topic in the church; in fact, it IS the church at its very core. So why does it seem like authentic community is so difficult to find, even when so many churches use the name community in hopes of fostering it? Perhaps something has been lost in translation. This weekend-long conversation will unite the minds of those who are interested in nurturing a simpler, more sustainable faith within their own faith communities.

Expect to hear the thoughts of Shane Claiborne (The Simple Way & author of "The Irresistible Revolution), Frank Viola (Pagan Christianity), Tim Keel (Jacob's Well & author of "Intuitive Leadership"), and others as they lead a holistic discussion on how to practice faith, spirituality, and church in general without the programs and productions that we find stifling the ability for us to simply love one another.

Interact with these emerging ideas in the context of break-out groups, creative worship, engaging workshops, and, most importantly, by meeting and making friendships along the way. Held at Albright United Methodist Church, in charming St. Petersburg, Florida, there will also be optional events planned outside of the venue such as small concerts, book readings, and other social activities downtown throughout the weekend. Come prepared to learn but also to engage with new friends, as this will surely be a time to do both.


Rick Bennett: Emergent and the importance of sustainability in its many varieties/Is the Emergent Church Sustainable?
Tim Keel: Sustainable Leadership
Brian Sanders: Importance of Biblical Community in Living a Sustainable Faith
Frank Valdez: Contra Mundum: The Church as the Community of Resistance
Bruce Wright: A Movement of the Poor: Justice, Community, and Peace Led By and From the Point of View of the Poor
Rodney Shores: Sustainable Worship: Finding Context within the Story of God
Geoff Kohler: Simplicity Through Obedience
Danielle Shroyer : Stories from Journey/Sustaining Sabbath
Frank Viola: Reconceiving Church: Living Out a Narrative Ecclesiology Rooted in the Triune God
Cozy Dixon: Sustainable Relationships
Matthew Huett: Sustainable Prayer: Lectio Divina as a Spiritual Grid for a Post-Modern/Post-Colonial Context
Chris Haw: Practicing Resurrection (and Sociological Consciousness and Israeli Identity) in Urban Wastelands
Troy Bronsink: Stories from Southeast Emergent/Adaptive Re-Use: Using Everything We've Left Behind
Shane Claiborne: Another Way of Doing Life/Big Beasts and Little Prophets.
Billy Daniel: Eschatological Economics: Trinity, Liturgy and Capitalism
Odon Soterias: Living Eden: A Theology of Cosmic Salvation

*For special student pricing or group rates, email to learn more.

First Baptist Church
1900 Gandy Boulevard N.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702


Register by Feb. 27th: $109
Student Price: $79.00

About the Conference:

Each of these 11-city events from February through May 2008 will be held from a Friday night to Saturday afternoon. The on-site tour experience will include:

Four opportunities to hear and respond in dialogue to new material from Brian McLaren

  • Book-signing and book-release party for Brian’s newest book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope, available at a special introductory price
  • Guided reflection led by Linnea Nilsen Capshaw using the Nude Truths Art Exhibit in Digital form to experience the deep shifts needed individually and communally for Everything to Change (find out more)
  • New music, liturgical experiences, and other resources that you can take home and use in your faith community, created with Tracy Howe (
  • Networking and conversation groups about faith, art, justice, mission, spiritual formation, worship, and community
  • Stories of deep personal life change and the resulting community and global impact
  • Serving Just Coffee, beyond fair trade
  • Local impact: A portion of the proceeds of the gathering will go to help a local peace/justice mission or charitable project (chosen with the help of our host).
  • This is a “green event” – we will seek to minimize waste of resources and energy. We encourage you to carpool to the gathering, and choose the location nearest you.


racotton said...

Mark, thank you for posting these opportunites. They are rich and meaningul events. I really hope some of us can go. Thank you for your investment in these dynamics!

living stones said...

Oops, Mark didn't place this post. I think Daniel did. Sorry for my mistake...

Mark Wills said...

Kinda weird though....I just got back from our annual young adult retreat (Divine Rhythm) in the Holston Conference of the UMC, and Shane was our guest speaker. I got to talk with him several times, and enjoyed hearing him speak. He really hit home on the topic of my last post on community.

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