Monday, November 19, 2007

A Journal of Christian Spirituality

I would like to bring attention to a young scholarly journal (first issue: 2001) that I think might be particularly relevant to our on-going community dialogue. It is called Spititus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality and is published by John Hopkins University Press. I am only beginning to explore the journal, but I am overwhelmingly impressed.

Here, as a sample, are the titles of an article and of a book review: "Raiding the Inarticulate: Mysticism, Poetics, and the Unlanguageable;" "Spirituality@work: 10 ways to balance your life on-the-job." There are also pieces on Thomas Merton, Flannery O'Conner, and Emily Dickinson. The classical mystics frequently come up as well. Poems are also published occasionally. I've found a number (at least 10) by Mary Oliver, one by Czeslaw Milosz (translated with Robert Hass), one by Scott Cairns, and one by Naomi Shihab Nye. There are some photo essays too.

The URL that I access it through is: However, I don't know if a subscription is necessary to use it.

The journal is the official publication of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality. Their web page is:

Again, I have only begun to explore this resource, but what I have seen of it so far indicates that it might be a valuable and edifying resource for our community.

-Paul Corrigan

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